I’ve made a few video’s about what constellations are all about. How they work, why they work. But it is also an instruction manual for setting up constellations. (which you probably shouldn’t do on your own if you haven’t seen one before.

The allknowing field
What the constellation wants you to see
Steps to starting a constellation
Specify the question
Formulate the question
Whom to put into the constellation?
Writing down the names
Laying down the names
Start of the constellation
Steps to putting up a constellation
Switching a person
Putting people in the constellation
Placing the question asker
Tips for representatives
Doing things that don’t belong to you
Effects on later generations
Problems stay, until they are seen
How to decide who needs to be put in the constellation?
What does a constellation do for you?
When a feeling doesn’t belong to you
During the constellation
How to solve the no energy thing
Starting your own constellation
Why does it have this effect?
Changing a person in a constellation
Ending a constellation
When a constellation ends